Because small businesses deserve great marketing too.
Intentional marketing services for small businesses who are done with "random acts of marketing"

Branding beyond
just a logo

Brilliant websites that

Messaging that

A strategy you
can trust

Read my words: no more random acts of marketing.

If you’re like many small businesses, you’ve been “doing marketing” one initiative at a time. This “random acts of marketing” strategy is…not a marketing strategy. And if this sounds like you, you probably also identify with one or more of the following statements:

  • I have a logo. That’s a brand, right?
  • My website probably needs more than a copyright year update
  • The thought of one more DIY marketing project makes me ill
  • My marketing plan lives on a collection of Post-it notes
  • I’m not sure whether I need branding or marketing (or, a shrink?)
  • All of the above (I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok.)

All things marketing.

(except video. we don’t do video.)
lightbulb - brand is more than your logo

Branding beyond just a logo

From defining your brand essence to discovering your brand voice, we’ll develop the parts of your brand identity that will serve as the foundation for everything you do.

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Brilliant websites that convert

A good website combines beautiful design with a clear message. A brilliant website makes your customers wish they’d found you sooner. We build brilliant WordPress websites.

easel with graph - marketing that gets results

Messaging that resonates

Marketing is all about conveying a clear, consistent and compelling message that gets people to do what you want them to do. When your messaging resonates, your customers convert.

X's and O's showing strategy - marketing strategy

A strategy you can get behind

You have a business to run and you can’t be beholden to a laborsome marketing strategy or manage a marketing department. We’ll develop a plan you feel confident in executing.

Running a small business is hard. But finding a partner to help you develop and execute a killer marketing strategy shouldn’t be.

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have a background in marketing, it is hard to know what you should be doing to promote your business, let alone grow it. I started junebird creative because I love helping small and start-up companies develop their brand, grow through implementation of cohesive marketing and solid strategy, and ultimately thrive in their business.

Services & Pricing

brand identity

From your brand essence to your logo and color scheme, we’ll develop the foundation on which your brand will rise.

starting at $2,500


Your website is your most important marketing asset. Whether 1 or 100 pages, we’ll make it work hard for your company.

starting at $7,500


Need a little guidance? Or I can tell you what to do. You decide. Then we’ll prioritize, strategize and execute.

$350/hour; retainers available

Fed up with the status quo? Let’s fix that.


Schedule a call.

You talk. I’ll listen. I’ll ask. You answer. I want to hear it all – from your marketing woes to your greatest hopes and wildest dreams for your company. And of course what brought you to book a call with me.


Get a plan.

After we talk, you’ll receive a plan (proposal) covering how we’ll accomplish your business needs. The plan will be designed to scale and customized to both your long-term goals and what you need like, yesterday.


Grow your business.

You’ll know you’ve nailed your marketing when your brand is solid and your marketing is cohesive and intentional. From there, you’re free to be confident that your company is set up to grow and ultimately thrive.

Intentional marketing is clear marketing. And clear marketing gets results.

Hi. I’m Christine, founder of junebird creative. Want to know what breaks my heart? Watching small companies throw away their precious marketing dollars on random (though likely well-intentioned) marketing.

The truth is execution without strategy is a waste of marketing dollars. But strategy without execution is useless, too. With so many companies doing one or the other, what’s small business to do?

I help small businesses and start-up organizations develop and implement intentional marketing strategies. Intentional marketing is clear marketing, and clear marketing gets the types of results your business deserves.

Ready to get intentional with your marketing?

Christine Hehre Tierney | StoryBrand Certified Guide & Business Made Simple Coach

Is your marketing working hard for you…or the other way around?

Unpopular reality: most small businesses are spending way too much on marketing and not seeing the return. This leads many business owners to think marketing just “doesn’t work” for their company.

The good news is, you’re wrong. The right marketing mix does exist for your company, and this free little 10-minute quiz will reveal what’s wrong with your current marketing in a customized 50+ page report and gives you a plan with steps you can do immediately to improve your marketing.

Well, what are you waiting for?