Live StoryBrand Marketing Workshop

The StoryBrand Marketing Workshop is a 2-day live event designed to help you create irresistibly clear messaging for your business.

Running a small business is hard. But finding the right words to engage your clients or customers shouldn’t be. If you’re feeling less than confident with your marketing strategy, it might be your messaging. Before you spend another dollar on outbound marketing, I invite you to read on and hear about an opportunity to clarify your message so customers listen, engage and ultimately hand you their money!

In 2022 I obtained the coveted StoryBrand Guide Certification. One of the perks of being a Guide is that I can facilitate the 2-Day Live StoryBrand Marketing Workshop for my clients. This is a great opportunity for individuals and companies who don’t want to spend $3000+ for StoryBrand services and interested in learning the StoryBrand framework to use in their own marketing.

When you attend the 2-day StoryBrand Livestream Workshop, you will leave the experience with:

  • An understanding of the StoryBrand 7-Part Marketing Framework
  • A messaging framework for your company that will serve as the foundation for all your messaging
  • A one-liner for your company
  • Small-group coaching throughout the event provided by yours truly!

And after the event…

  • A website audit through the StoryBrand lens with recommendations for improvement
  • One (1) 90-minute session reviewing & refining your messaging from the event

These events take place quarterly. Here are the details for the next upcoming event:

  • When: February 27-28, 2024, 9AM – 4PM Central Time
  • Cost: $1695 per seat (companies are welcome to invite multiple attendees on the same seat so long as they can be on the same computer; if attendees from the same company are in different locations, the price is $1695 + $995 per additional seat)
  • Registration: Simply to this email! Payment can be made by Venmo or check.

Have questions about this event? Feel free to book 30 minutes with me to learn more.

I look forward to sharing the StoryBrand Framework with you and helping you clarify your message!

I am hosting the StoryBrand LiveStream on February 28 & March 1. The cost is $1695** and includes

  1. 2-day formal StoryBrand workshop (from StoryBrand HQ) + small breakout room with me as your guide
  2. Website audit & review in the context of the StoryBrand framework (after the event)
  3. One (1) 90-minute session reviewing the content from the workshop and helping you refine your message

**For companies with multiple attendees, cost assumes everyone will be in the same room. If not, cost is $1695 + $995 per additional seat.

(click the button above to send me an email and I’ll get you registered)