ITX Proactive Managed IT Services
Don’t Wait for "Checkmate"
ITX offers clients proactive managed IT services that help protect their businesses from threats and compromises. From compliance services to system maintenance, ITX ensures their clients' systems are current, running optimally and as future-proofed as possible.

– project highlights –

New logo & style guide

StoryBrand messaging

WordPress website development

Website content & copywriting

WordPress Website & Rebranding Project

ITX was looking to rebrand, with the primary focus being on their logo and secondarily on making sure all marketing efforts were in line with the new visual style. Additionally, new messaging was developed that better spoke to the customer’s problem and how ITX helped their clients run more efficient, stable businesses.

Visual branding.

The logo design project included multiple concepts from which the final was selected. One revision and some color adjustments resulted in the final product.

ITX is embodies the “ruler” persona which touts competence and authority. The logo conveys these traits quite literally through the castle detail on the shield and the bold, clear-cut lines. These design elements are also intended to inspire trust and reliance in the viewer. The regal color palette also helps convey these concepts. Visual cues such as the ones in the ITX logo help guide viewer’s perception of the brand.

ITX old logo ITX new logo

Brand messaging.

When it comes to branding, the words on the page matter as much (or more, some may argue) as the visual design. This is why messaging is an essential component of any rebranding project.

As part of the messaging work, ITX received the StoryBrand messaging package which included a 7-part messaging framework that can be used across all marketing initiatives, a fully transcribed brand story, and a one-liner intended to incite curiosity from users and draw them into the ITX story.

No one at your company has time keep up to date with ever-changing security best practices, much less clean up after a data compromise. With proactive managed IT services from ITX, your manufacturing company is safe from threats before they disrupt your business. Don’t wait for a checkmate situation to compromise your business (or worse). Thwart threats, rest easy, and fearlessly grow your business.