Website Support Plans for Your Business's Online Success
Choose from three website management plans to support your business

Website management solutions for small businesses (like yours)

junebird creative provides website management services exclusively for WordPress users. Our support comes with the added reassurance of a real human who you know, knows you, and knows your business. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having automatic updates of your website’s plugins and the WordPress platform, seamless renewals of most plugin licenses, daily backups taken of your website, and the security of a dedicated server. Plus, optional add-on strategic services that align your website with your business goals to help you reach the next tier of success.

Our plans are crafted to provide everything you need to succeed online, whatever the size of your business. Want to read more about them?

  • It’s our job to help you put your best pixels forward on your website. To ensure we can meet your business where it’s at, you have three support plans to select from:

    The Hosting Essentials Plan allows you to continue enjoying hands-off hosting for your WordPress website so you can focus in your zone of genius and let us manage your website. And rather than multiple bills for hosting and plugin renewals through the year, we’ve simplified the billing to include everything for a single price.

    The Hosting Essentials Plan includes:

    • Website hosting
    • Server & website monitoring
    • Plugin renewals (for most plugins, see list in FAQs)
    • Automatic plugin & core WordPress updates
    • Ad hoc support billed in 15 minute increments at $249/hour

    The Growth Care Plan and Growth+ Care Plan are for businesses who need either someone to make updates and changes to their website on a monthly basis or who want to sit with an expert to ask questions or get things accomplished. These plans are designed to ensure your website is running optimally and that it is aligned with your business goals.

    The Care Plans include:

    • Everything in Hosting Essentials
    • Periodic website health checks
    • Monthly support time (Growth = 1 hour, Growth+ = 2 hours)
    • Strategy calls (Growth = 2/year, Growth+ = 4/year)

    *See plan details in the Support Plan Descriptions section below.

Support as easy as 1-2-3…

Getting support for your website should be easy, starting with the process to select your plan.


Select Your Plan

Select your support plan from the three options below. Please save your email confirmation as it serves as the executed support contract.


Watch For Your Invoice

Once received, I will set up automated invoices for the plan you selected. The first invoice will come on February 1, 2024.


Be Worry Free!

Go find something else to worry about, since your website (and for some of you, strategic marketing support) is taken care of!

Select Your Support Plan

Use the form below to designate your support plan selection for 2024. If you have questions you can either check out the FAQs section below, send me an email, or schedule a 15-minute call to chat.

  • 1) Hosting Essentials

    Stress-free WordPress hosting with automatic updates, daily backups and real human support from yours truly to keep your website running smoothly.

    • Website hosting
    • Server & website monitoring
    • Plugin renewals (for most plugins, see list in FAQs)
    • Automatic plugin & core WordPress updates
    • Ad hoc support billed in 15 minute increments at $249/hour
    2) Growth Care Plan

    Website support combined with business strategy sessions to empower business owners to seamlessly align their digital presence with their business objectives.

    • Everything in Hosting Essentials
    • Periodic website health checks
    • Up to one (1) hour of support per month
    • Biannual strategy calls (2 per year)
    3) Growth+ Care Plan

    More website support combined with quarterly business strategy sessions to better support your digital presence and ensure your business is positioned for the next tier of success.

    • Everything in Hosting Essentials
    • Periodic website health checks
    • Up to two (2) hours of support per month
    • Quarterly strategy calls (4 per year)
  • Can I change plans mid-year?

    The simple answer is yes, but with some caveats for Hosting Essentials users. If you would like to start with Hosting Essentials and have the option to move up, please select “monthly billing” for your hosting plan to make the switch seamless.

    Which plugin license renewals are covered under these plans?
    • Gravity Forms
    • Rank Math PRO
    • Extend Widget Options
    • Events Calendar PRO
    • Gravity Perks
    • WP Download Manager & Special Pack
    • WP Rocket
    What are website health checks and why are they better than website monitoring?

    Website health checks are like oil changes on your car. They are proactive and involve me logging into your website periodically and making sure everything looks good. This might include manually updating a plugin that failed to update automatically, checking for broken links, making sure visual elements look correct, and making optimizations for speed or load time based on Google Page Speed Insights or GT Matrix reports.

    Website monitoring is more like casualty insurance. It is reactive based on your request, a notification from the server, etc.

    What types of activities can I use the hour (or two) of support for accomplishing?
    1. Meetings: Support/check-in, “done with you” work time, getting questions answered, tutorials/how-to, review site analytics and make decisions about the website and more.
    2. Website updates: Minor changes including changing images, updating copy, posting documents
    3. Content management: Posting blogs, articles, or other simple content (writing of said content is not covered)
    4. Deep dives: Website audit or advanced health check with recommendations for improvements
    What types of activities are not covered by support time?
    1. Creating new pages on the website
    2. Website re-architecture or major navigational changes
    3. Coaching sessions
    4. Projects and requests where total time required exceeds the allocated monthly support hour(s)
    What if I need additional support beyond what is allocated in my care plan?

    Ad hoc support for all plans is billed in 15 minute increments at $249/hour.

    What is the schedule for invoices?
    • Hosting and support are billed proactively on the 1st of the month
    • Ad hoc support, project work, and other charges will be billed retroactively on the last day of the month in which time was incurred