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Brand Identity: What it means for your company

I say “brand identity”, you think…

Maybe the phrase “brand identity” makes you think of your own company’s logo. Maybe if conjures an image of an icon on your smartphone. Or maybe it makes you recall a brand that’s big in the news right now. Whatever the result, 9 times of out 10 you’ve got something visual to go along with your answer.

So, what does this mean for us as brand and marketing professionals? It means that brand identity is going to transcend time and place, usage and community. It means that you brand’s perception is going to be inextricably tied to your brand’s public image — for better AND for worse. But it also means that your brand’s perception is going to be tied to your public image, and THAT can mean can also be for better and for worse.

To explain this, let’s first have a look at 19 companies logos then and now. Imagine if these companies had not kept up with the times and adapted or updated their brand identity. The reality is that moat companies go through multiple versions of their logo throughout their lifetime. Just take a look at the Apple logo evolution — and they’re conservative in comparison to the logo evolution of many other brands!

What does this mean for the brand identity of your company?

Times change. Your workforce will change. Your ownership might change. Your product offering or focus could even change too. Will your brand identity weather all these changes? Is your brand timeless enough to forge on? The answer to those questions is tied to your company’s internal values and external perception. When those two things are strong, your brand identity is strong.

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