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“I was axed as Oatly’s creative director” 5 arguably useful lessons from his departure

“Remember, no one cares. One of the most enabling aspects of working on Oatly was the freedom to openly admit that no one gives a shit about what we had to say. (And look, we haven’t met, but I’m willing to wager that people feel the same about your brand, too.)”
– Kevin Lynch, former Creative Director for Oatly

He’s not wrong. No one cares about your why. They care about their own why. Even with this post, you’re wondering, “How does this article make my life better — what can I learn?”

Kevin Lynch was Oatly’s creative director for several years (this is about him, and you don’t care). Then he got the axe (maybe you’re intrigued now because there’s some drama). Read 5(-ish) lessons he learned by shaking up the dairy sector (and finally you’re curious because there’s something in it for you).

Spoiler alert, it’s a good short skim-worthy read.

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