Respond, Recover, & Thrive: Aligning with Human Values

Respond, Recover, & Thrive: Aligning with Human Values

Organizations must identify where their brand purpose overlaps with what we all share: Human Values

Over the last year, we have shared a lot about our perspective on Elevating the Human Experience (EHX™).1 And because we know that humans and business are inextricably linked, we wanted to use the EHX™ principles to help businesses consider how to respond, recover, and thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re offering this through our Values Compass, a proprietary algorithm that identifies what motivates an audience’s behaviors, actions, and beliefs, and identifies the things humans share.2 Typically, Americans are evenly spread among the 8 core values: ambition, trying new things, curiosity, sharing with others, belonging, caring for others, control, and learning new things.

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This article is very insightful, and hits on what brands and businesses can easily lose sight of — the human side of their operations. There has been a lot of focus on employee experience of late, correlated with a spotlight on minimum wage and equal rights in the workplace. While these are very credible initiatives, it is important not to lose sight of the group who keeps you in business.

The impacts of COVID-19 are widespread and likely very much unknown. In addition to the immediate and visceral effects, there will be lasting effects and pivots coming out of this era. It is important for businesses to understand how their stakeholders have been affected, and really lean into meeting newly minted needs and preferences of customers.

There are many ways to understand the needs of customers. However the first step is taking a critical look at the values of your own business, and understanding how those values can be leveraged to serve customers in new and different ways.

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